Monday, July 1, 2013

Habitual Homebodys Crochet Along

I'm a fan of Alycia's Crochet-Along link up on Habitual Homebody, so when she asked if anyone would like to host this month, I gladly offered! For July's project, I wanted to choose something summer-y and fun, yet functional. While looking at nautical themed knots and jewelry, I stumbled upon this quick and easy bracelet pattern. Also, Alycia also showed me a pattern for some cute summer coasters, and I decided I couldn't choose, so you are getting TWO projects to choose from this month :)

#1 The Trek Bracelet
Photo via Felted Button


The pattern can be found at the blog, Felted Button. She has great pictures to go along with each step, so it should be fairly easy to follow along!


-Twine (she suggests 3lb strength which is about DK weight) OR any cotton yarn (I will be using Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn)
-I hook
-Keychain lobster clasps (can be found in the jewelry section at any craft store)

#2 Watermelon Coasters

Photo via Make and Takes
The pattern can be found at the blog, Make and Takes. Again, there are great photos accompanying the pattern so it should be easy to follow along!


-Red Yarn, Cream Yarn, and Green Yarn (It looks like they are using cotton yarn, like Lily's Sugar n' Cream) 
-H hook
-Yarn needle

-Black Yarn (optional for seeds)

Timeline for both projects:

We will be linking up here on my blog on July 29th. Grab a button, and crochet along with us! You can choose either project to do...or both!! :) I will be posting updates with tips/tricks along the way, but if you have any questions, feel free to comment or send a tweet using the #CrochetAlong hashtag on twitter.

Happy crochet-ing!!

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Habitual Homebody Crochet Along


  1. Hello Mariel, nice to meet you! Cute project for July which one to choose now???

  2. Hi Claudia! Nice to meet you, too! I know, it's tough to choose, isn't it?! I'm going to be doing both and will be posting my progress, so feel free to pick one or the other or both!! :) Can't wait to see!