Tuesday, July 16, 2013

neither here nor there

Both Matt and I have officially started our respective jobs in Madison. Our apartment search has come to an end, thought we won't be able to move into our new place until August 15th. So basically, we are currently living out of a suitcase during the week, then heading back to Milwaukee for the weekends (where our doggies are staying with Matt's parents). Hopefully we can find a more "permanent" temporary place to stay for the next couple of weeks...but we've been thankful to have friends and/or friends-of-friends who have been generous enough to let us stay at their apartment/homes for a little bit.

Though things are in flux at the moment, I'm looking forward to starting our life here and finding fun & new places to explore.

I have to find that long lost blogging mojo, too...


  1. Life is nothing if not an adventure. Praying your adventure calms down a little bit soon!

    Lily-thinking thoughts

  2. I had a CRAZY adventure in downtown Madison today...I want to blog about it, but I also don't necessarily want to publicize. Hmmmm...

  3. I do like adventures :) But I like feeling settled, too. Thanks!