Sunday, August 25, 2013

Throwback Tune

After watching this awesome video of Kristin Chenoweth singing with an audience member (who happened to be a voice teacher and an amazing singer), I got inspired to bust out my books of showtunes this afternoon.

Nothing tells you how rusty you are at your instrument (I'm considering voice as an instrument here, too) than trying to sight read tricky rhythms/chords or belt out notes that once came easily to you. I need to train & practice again. But regardless, here's a little video of a song that I sang a billion times when I was in high school. It was my "go-to" song for auditions, talent shows, weddings, you name it. I sang it so much, in fact, that it joined the ranks of "Broadway songs I never want to sing again" (along with On My Own from Les Mis).

Here it is - a throwback to those glory days. The song is Someone Like, not the song by Adele, but from the (quite underrated) musical Jekyll & Hyde.

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