Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh My Darling Clementine

"WOW. So there are only a few movies that will guaranteed make me cry, but other than that, I rarely cry during movies. Well, The Walking Dead video game had me BAWLING by the end. I can see why it won Game of the Year for so many...it's less of a "game" in the traditional sense, and more an interactive story/movie. And wowza, do they get you emotionally invested. Whew. Wow."
I wrote this status update after playing through The Walking Dead: Season One video game in December 2012. It was one of my favorite gaming experiences and left me excited to continue the adventure in TWD: Season Two. I finished playing the first episode yesterday, and am glad that the game picks up where it left off and continues to bring the player into the story in a creative way.

via TWD wiki
The plot follows a young girl, Clementine, though this time instead of playing a character protecting her, you play as her. She is one of my favorite video game characters because she is such a sweet innocent child, but yet she also is determined and will do whatever it takes to survive and to help those she trusts.

Gameplay is the same, more like an interactive movie than an action based video game. You have various dialogue options and decisions to make, and every choice you make really matters. The thing I find so intriguing is that the developers have you perform these simple actions (by doing things like pressing "A" repeatedly) which in any other game would feel like button mashing...but they purposefully combine it with emotional storytelling so that you actually FEEL the tension of the situation, even if all you are doing is pressing a button.

The game is also so visually unique, like a comic book come to life.

Both Season One and the first episode of Season Two are available to play on pretty much every gaming platform, so if you are looking for a unique game experience, definitely check it out! This game series will win you over, even if you aren't a huge zombie fanatic.

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