Friday, January 10, 2014

Underneath as white as snow

Snowfall is always beautiful.

The delicate white powder, gently falling from the sky. A peaceful silence as the freshly laid blanket absorbs sound. The symbolism of purity and something being made clean. Like the old hymn (one of my favorites) says, "Jesus paid it all / all to him I owe / sin had left a crimson stain / He washed it white as snow."

Today is not one of those beautiful winter days, however. After the Great Freeze of 2014 earlier this week, the slightly warmer temperature has turned snow into freezing rain, mushy roads, dismal fog, and an overall sense of seasonal despair.

I found myself thinking of today as another grand metaphor for our spiritual lives. A lot of times, Christians put on a mask of being 100% happy and bright and shiny, because they have Jesus in their heart and their sins have been washed away!! But the reality is that like the fresh blanket of white snow, underneath there is still a melted mess of muddy muck; we are still sinners, still mess-ups, and we will inevitably say something we regret or act on bad decisions. I can guarantee you that the Christian who looks like they have a perfect life does NOT have it all together.

Yet, this is why my faith is still so important to me. Because Christ spoke of this thing called grace. That despite our failures and our persistent sinful nature, He will unconditionally love and forgive and "wash it white as snow" again and again if we believe and follow Him.

And that is truly beautiful.

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