Sunday, February 23, 2014

Impromptu Game Night

My brother and sister came for the weekend so that we could have a Songs Like Trees rehearsal, so we decided to have an impromptu game night as well. We started out with Takenoko, an adorable game in which you cultivate plots of bamboo gardens through the help of the gardener, and try to eat certain bamboo pieces as the panda. I lost horribly (I was so focused on one of my goals, that I completely missed one that I could've achieved a lot easier), but it was still fun, and a good warm up game.
The cute little panda!
We also played Alhambra, a tile placement/building game, and then a card game called Five Crowns. The big game of the evening was A Game of Thrones: The Board Game. I've played it a couple times before, but every time it's like learning the rules all over again because it's so complicated ;-P The house cards are dealt out randomly, and I played this game as the Starks. They have a decent starting position, since they have most of the northern territories without anyone invading, but then face a bottleneck when trying to invade into the south. I was doing alright, but my brother had the Greyjoy's and completely dominated the middle of the map. It also helped that the Lannisters were completely wiped out, allowing him to easily take their territories.

Those poor Lannisters, about to be killed off.
We don't often get to play these big strategy games, so it was a blast being able to sit down and game for several hours (while munching on delicious snacks like beer bread, beer cheese, hummus, and trifle dessert). What are your favorite games?

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