Thursday, May 1, 2014

C2E2 Recap: Day 1

This past weekend, my siblings (Manika and Nathan), my husband (Matt), and I attended our first convention, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). It was an overwhelmingly awesome experience! Hopefully, it becomes a yearly tradition.


On Friday, we arrived in the early afternoon and picked up our 3-day badges and planned out what panels we wanted to see. Unfortunately, the first panel/presentation we saw was an epic failure. What was expected to be an interesting discussion about the multiverse theory in comic books and sci-fi turned out to be and random unorganized rambling of an over enthusiastic cosplayer who diverged into all kinds of non-sensical rambling about game theory. Bummer. So we left early and hit the floor to meet up with a friend from college and do some browsing.

After checking out some of the exhibitor booths, we headed to the Main Stage to line up for the Game of Thrones panel. They let us in early so we caught the end of Eve Myles' panel. I wasn't familiar with her work (Torchwood), but she was hilarious! The GoT panel featured Natalia Tena (Osha) and Kristian Niarn (Hodor) and they were great, despite having a moderator who asked awful questions and made pointless remarks. And we got to learn a lot about Hodor's "hodor"...

Following the GoT panel was the Thrilling Adventure Hour, a hilarious comedy improv show. The guest improv actors included Tim Ormundson, Janet Varney, and Molly Quinn. Funny story: before the show, Manika and I went to use the restroom and two girls rushed ahead of us saying "excuse us...she needs to use the restroom really quick!" At first I was annoyed that these people were skipping us, but then a guy passing by said, "I love you on Castle" and the girl turned was Molly Quinn! Her escort did a great job rushing her past us unnoticed :)

My one regret from the first day was not attending the "Why Geek Culture Matters" panel. It featured 8 academics discussing the impact of geek culture, and I love that kind of stuff! I heard from some friends that it was a great panel, so I'm still kicking myself in the head for not suggesting we stay for that one....

(to be continued...)

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