Thursday, May 1, 2014

C2E2 Recap: Day 2

On Saturday, we arrived around noon. Matt, Manika, and Nate went to see the "Rotten Tomatoes: Fan vs. Critic" panel (which sounded like a lot of fun!) while I roamed the floor a bit until it was time to meet up with some of the ladies of the IGGPPC! I stopped by Artist Alley and chatted with Yale Stewart for a bit (probably sounding like a rabid fangirl squee-fest) and promised I'd be back to buy some of his prints. As I walked toward the food court area, I spotted a San (Princess Mononoke) cosplayer posing for a photo and remembered that Summer mentioned she'd be dressed up. We were shortly joined by Erika and Noxy (but sadly we couldn't connect with Katy) and had a lovely time chatting.

I headed up to the panel rooms to meet up with my family, where we attended a really interesting panel discussion about the history of animation and it's impact on culture and entertainment. The moderator and one of the panelists were academics and the other panelist was the owner of a cartoon museum, so it was a robust conversation. Shout-outs to Batman: The Animated Series and Disney!

We then wandered around the show floor and Artist Alley where I bought a few goodies: Portal earrings, a dragon pet (who still needs a name!), and a Barry print from Yale Stewart's JL8 (Bruce is my favorite character, obvi, but Barry is a close second, and I thought his print was cuter...that sandwich! :-D)

The 24 Reunion panel was next, and it was...interesting. The three stars, Carlos Bernard (Tony), James Morrison (Bill), and Louis Lombardi (Edgar), all had an interesting sense of humor (very dry and sarcastic) which I don't think the moderator caught onto right away. So it was a bit awkward, and I'm pretty sure they were drunk as well...which made for much hilarity. 24 was one of my favorite shows (it's what brought Matt and I together!) so it was fun to hear some of their stories and insights on the television business.

To close out the evening, we watched the Champions of Cosplay competition. I was completely stunned by some of those costumes! It made me want to learn more about the craft (what the heck is vacuum forming?!) and I was truly inspired by their passion for detail. I wasn't able to take super great photos, but here are a few of my favorites:

(to be continued...)

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