Sunday, May 4, 2014

C2E2 Recap: Day 3

The third and final day of C2E2 was the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend. We arrived early to get in line for the Stan Lee panel. It was a surprisingly smooth process, and we grabbed seats fairly close to the front. There was an announcement that no photography was allowed after the first 5 minutes, so I was able to snap a quick photo when Stan Lee took the stage.

To be in the same room as such a geek culture legend was surreal. I suppose it's nothing for regular con goers, but for this first-timer, I was completely star struck. Mr. Lee had some great stories about the industry and his humble beginnings. He was incredibly humorous and light hearted about his difficulty hearing and short term memory loss when asked a question. And the most hilarious part was when he was in danger of breaching contract (SPOILERS!!!! He is going to have a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy! And what is the mysterious project for which he shaved his moustache?) and his PR person would start creeping toward the stage waving his hands and saying "you can't say that." It was also amazing that the last question was asked by a young boy doing a school project and requested a sound bite for his PowerPoint presentation. Stan was confused, but enthusiastic to participate :) So awesome.

Next, we attended Ian Doescher's panel. He is the author of William Shakespeare's Star Wars, The Empire Striketh Back, and the soon to be released The Jedi Doth Return. He did several readings from the books and talked about his process of translating the beloved film script to the Shakespearian style. It was super entertaining and also interesting to learn about the challenges he faced. How does one make Yoda when he already has an old Shakespeare-ish sound to his syntax? Read the book and find out <(-_)>

I forgot to post these cosplay pics I took from the 2nd day, so here there are. I really should've taken more, but there was just so much hustle and bustle, and I'd always forget to take my phone out to snap a pic. Next year I'll get more!

Matt found the TARDIS!! He almost stepped in for an adventure!
To close out our first convention experience, we attended an improv panel held by the guys behind The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Again, it was just really interesting to hear about the craft of improvisational acting and their stories of how they got their start and how they survive in the industry.

Hopefully we'll make C2E2 a yearly thing! It's so close, Nate lives in Chicago so we'd have free housing ;), and the whole event had something for all of us to enjoy. Maybe next year we'll even cosplay...

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