Monday, December 22, 2014

Craft, Paper, Scissors.

Paper has long been my favorite craft medium. As a young girl, I would check out all the origami books at the library, perfecting crisp and intricate folds to create figures out of single sheets of paper. One of my favorite school projects was an incredibly detailed paper-mâché electric eel (one could argue that the project really belonged to my engineer father, who designed the eel out of a corrugated tubing skeleton base).

I've made paper wreaths out of scraps and "carved" pendants out of stacked paper. As of a couple years ago, my most recent paper craft obsession is quilling (or paper filagree)—the art of rolling and sculpting thin strips of paper into on-edge artwork.

But nothing screams "winter craft project" like making paper snowflakes. The rise of geek culture over the past few years have prompted a creative challenge for artists to design snowflake patterns that are worthy of gracing the skies of the planet Hoth.

The past couple of years, designer Anthony Herrera has released new Star Wars snowflakes to try out, but I actually prefer this set of designs from Matters of Grey, because the centers have the rebel or imperial insignia. Are you more into Trek, Doctor Who, or BSG? Try your hand at these patterns.

However, my favorite snowflake designs of 2014 have to be these Nobel winning physicists. Einstein's hair is perfect for those frosty snowflake edges!

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