Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hello, Three-Oh

Birthdays as an adult are funny. You wake up in the morning, feeling exactly as you did the day before. Instead of child-like excitement about your awesome themed-party and presents from your friends, you feel obligated to joke about getting older, and you comment about how you've matured or grown or learned more about yourself in the past year.

Social norms. Meh.

I'm 30 years old but that doesn't mean that I'm going to give up on my child-like wonder and amazement over silly things (like getting a lion toy plushie when we saw The Lion King a few weeks ago...because I totally giggled like a fool asking the cashier for one) that I geek out about. I'm not going to "settle" into adulthood and give up on some lofty career goals I still have for myself.  I only completed 1/3 of the challenges in my "30 before 30" list that I made for myself last year, but I'm very proud of them.

Here's to more surprises, successes, aspirations, and adventures as I commemorate my existence on this small rock, making one more revolution around a yellow dwarf star, in an infinite expanding universe!

30 before 30: December 11, 2013 - December 11, 2014
  1. Blog regularly (at least 2 posts a week)
  2. Start writing science blog posts for another website/blog See my posts at Paper Droids & Geekocracy
  3. Write a handwritten letter to a friend/family member at least once a month
  4. Go to DisneyWorld OR go on a cruise  - Caribbean cruise: May 26 - 31
  5. Reach my goal weight/get in shape - I didn't necessarily reach my goal weight, but did shed some pounds and have been able to maintain this weight for a few months. I've also started doing exercises daily (even if it is something simple like stretching), and have started training in Eagle Claw style shaolin kung fu, which I hope to continue next semester.
  6. Record an EP
  7. Prepare 3 pieces of classical piano repertoire at performance/concert level
  8. Successfully complete an online course
  9. Read 15 books I'm super proud of myself for this. Even though I'm bad at updating my Goodreads account as proof ;P
  10. Get an article published in an academic journal My name is searchable on PubMed! We're also working on getting my first author manuscript out to be reviewed soon.
  11. Learn to sew
  12. Play a DnD or similar RPG campaign
  13. Carve a pumpkin
  14. Make a gingerbread house
  15. Create a budget/savings plan - This was mostly Matt, but overall we are much wiser and more aware of our finances than we have been in the past. Yay adulthood.
  16. Audition for a show with a community theatre - I auditioned for Rent and A Chorus Line back in the spring, and while I didn't get cast, I will try to audition more in the future!
  17. Complete 3 "pay it forwards"
  18. Study the Bible daily/consistently
  19. Host a house show/concert
  20. Get better at playing guitar
  21. Make our own sushi rolls
  22. Replay all the Halo games
  23. Attend a lindy hop/swing dancing workshop or dance exchange weekendJumptown Invasion April 11-13...Sadly after that I stopped going to dancing events frequently. Summer was busy, and then I just got lazy.
  24. Purchase a record player
  25. Host our families for a major holiday - We had Matt's parents over for Thanksgiving! We cooked most of the meal (well, Matt did. I was in charge of mashed sweet potatoes) and had some great conversation & game time.
  26. Plan a surprise/do something special for Matt
  27. Attend 5 live concerts - Jamie Cullum, needtobreathe, The Dear Hunter, Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer, Gungor 
  28. Complete a photo a day challenge
  29. Re-open askLOLA on Etsy or another site
  30. Start a garden



  2. Happy Happy! Phfffft. The birthday as an adult thing? It is the adults I know who are all about the "birthday WEEK" "it's all about me, all the week" thing. No need to lose the wonder.
    I have to chuckle at your list. I've done a lot of the things you haven't (1,3,8,11,13,14,17,18,20,24 & 30), but not a lot of the things you have (2,4,5,10,16,23). Then again, I'm not quite twice your age (urg).

  3. Haha. That's true. There are some adults that go crazy about their "birthday week." In general though, it's all the people that constantly make jokes about "getting older" or people who don't want to reveal their true age. I'm going to embrace it!!

    There are definitely some things in the list that should've been completed but I just got lazy. I was really good about sending letters the first few months, then stopped. Same with blogging, and reading the bible, on and so forth. :) Always happy to get encouraging tips on how to do it all!