Thursday, April 16, 2015

Neurocomic: A review

I mentioned in an earlier post this month about how I was looking forward to reading Neurocomic. Just looking at the cover and I knew I was in for a visual treat.

Written by two neuroscientists, Dr. Hana Roลก and Dr. Matteo Farinella, Neurocomic is a primer in the biological workings of the brain -- how information is transmitted between cells, how memory works, and the complexity perception, deception, emotion, and existence.

Being passionate about communicating science in creative ways, I really enjoyed this piece of work. Set up like an Alice in Wonderland-esque journey, a man finds himself literally inside his own brain -- and along the way meets pioneers of the neuroscience research field who explain the science in beautiful metaphors. While at moments I wished they would have gone deeper into the details, the ending left me with a giant smile on my face and a yearning to adventure into the world and let my brain take in all the experiences.

Head to your local library and check out this graphic novel!

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