Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reddit Love

A few years ago, my brother texted me a link to www.reddit.com/r/aww and I found myself clicking through page after page of adorable puppies and kitties and more. It was my first taste of what reddit has to offer, but I found myself annoyed by the "ugly" barebones user interface and went on with my life.

Somehow, I found myself back on reddit, and made an account a couple years later. I found various subreddits that centered around topics of interest, and I began upvoting content I enjoyed to help it rise to the "front page." I became an active redditor, a person who frequently uses the site to share and support good content.

Most people thing reddit is just a breeding ground for memes, snark, and trolls, but I've found that there are some really great communities that try to promote civil discussion and spark new ideas. And some subreddits are just plain FUN!

Here are my current favorites:

/r/AnimalsBeingDerps and /r/aww - For cute things :)

/r/Christianity - Do you ever want to read some civil and thoughtful discussion between atheists and Christians? This is the sub for you!

/r/GuessTheMovie - Guess the movie based on the posted screenshot. This fun game will guaranteed increase you googling and IMDb searching skills.

/r/IAmA - Q&A with personalities both famous and mundane.

/r/LearnDota2 - Great helpful discussion on how to improve while playing this difficult computer video game.

/r/Science - The latest in scientific research, and often Q&A posts with scientists.

/r/ShowerThoughts - For sharing all those philosophical and brilliant thoughts that come to you while you are in the shower.

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