Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Liturgists

When I ask what you think about "church," a variety of ideas, emotions, and cultural coding will pop into your head based on your experience (or lack of experience) with religion. 

As a Christian who is also a rational thinker, science lover, and feminist minded, I've never exactly felt like I fit in to the "cookie cutter" mold of what a typical woman looks like within the Christian subculture of the church. I have questions and doubts about my faith, I'm career driven rather than a homemaker, and I don't think that evolution and my belief in a creator God are mutually exclusive. 

Yet I still have faith in the beauty of the Gospel, and believe that the Christian community, despite our individual differences, can truly work together to do good.

These ideas are something that The Liturgists tackle in their creative works. The Liturgists is a collective of artists, musicians, speakers, and other creators who have come together to create liturgical work that is thought-provoking, challenging, and worshipful.
Resurrection says that this is our home and that our home is good
Resurrection says that not only is our home good
but everything about our home that is wrong, twisted, broken,
destructive, flawed, and failed
everything about it
whether it may hurt and whether it may be something like cancer that is real
and however big the bruise is
and however much blood there is on the floor
whatever it is
however real it is
and however much it broke your heart
it is, in the end, in some really, really hard to describe way
That in fact, there is a new creation bursting forth
right here in the middle of this one
and there is a new heaven and a new earth coming together
and that this Jesus, in his resurrection insists that in the conquering of death
he has brought about something new
something you can trust
that whatever is holding you down
whatever feels like it's drowning you
whatever feels like it's a weight chained to your ankle
does not have the last word
That is resurrection 
- An excerpt from "Sunday" on the Garden liturgy -

A lot (not all) of the "Christian branding" that is out on the market now is watered down theology, emotionally manipulative, and frankly, not creative. The Liturgists are just a group of people trying to break this mold and set a new standard of artistry that is reflective of a powerful Creator.

In addition to the liturgical work, The Liturgists also put out a podcast where they discuss various topics through the lenses of science, art, and faith. I especially enjoy these podcasts, as someone who lives in the intersection of those areas. I like the idea that everything is connected, and that science, art, and faith are not isolated aspects of life.

So I'll ask...what do you think about faith and the church?

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